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Informative, thoughtful, and inspirational, Kate Daniels interviews women from multifaceted backgrounds for in-depth dives into issues that affect women and society in today’s world. The show acts as a mini-documentary covering topics ranging from education to crime prevention, health care, domestic abuse, spirituality, and self-care. And while they discuss pandemic-related topics like how lockdown can affect our well-being, they also cover general safety tips, health and wellness tips, and more.

Kate asks insightful questions to leaders in their fields. The show is easy to listen to and 

encourages listeners to take positive action while focusing on how we can make ourselves and our world healthier. Her guests are authors, teachers, coaches, and professionals who share stories, teachable moments, and practical applications. 

With over 250 episodes, I was drawn to listen to several featuring women who are passionate about transforming, encouraging, and healing others with their experience and expertise. 

Kate’s guests are both timely and timeless. The variety ensures the likelihood of your finding something that interests you and directly applies to your life.


May 2021 Issue

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