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Healthy Eating for Busy Women is a podcast designed to help high-performing women eat healthier without restriction. Hosted by Certified Health Coach, Kat Rentas, this show is a welcome space for women to get answers to their burning questions about staying on track with eating well and losing weight without eliminating their favorite foods.

Kat’s no-holds-barred approach and vulnerability in addressing the self-sabotage in which many women engage is admirable. It’s intriguing to hear how she links it to their relationship with food and their body image. 

If you’re a woman who always wanted to know how to avoid chasing “enoughness,” you need to listen to this show. 

As she discusses topics like emotional eating, she poses questions for listeners to chew on for themselves. The most important element is that she guides them in implementing new habits without forcing themselves to take actions they don’t enjoy.

Healthy Eating for Busy Women provides actionable steps to help women avoid overwhelm and toxic relationships with food. 

Any woman who wants to stay informed and inspired on her healthy eating journey will benefit by listening to this podcast. Hopefully, in the future, we’ll hear additional voices to add some variety to the episodes.


August 2022 Issue

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