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Haley Taylor Simon’s Haley’s Hot Take is an NHL podcast that focuses on the highlights of the league as well as Haley’s own predictions and favorite hockey stories. 

Haley is an avid hockey fan (who loves her Flyers and has a soft spot for the Golden Knights) and recent graduate of West Virginia University, where she worked at the radio station broadcasting all their sports. She designed her podcast to be personable for the listener, and she is successful in making it feel like she’s just talking to a best friend about all things hockey. 

Haley covers the NHL all the way up to the playoff run. She talks about each of the playoff games, the matchups, and her predictions. In one of her episodes, she discussed the NHL semi-finals, breaking down the matchups for each team and predicting the outcome. 

Haley is skilled at breaking down hockey for the average listener based on her vast knowledge of the sport. She does a great job interacting with her listeners through social media, too, always engaging them and truly highlighting them in her podcast. 

This weekly podcast, which airs on Fridays, is a very good one to listen to throughout the NHL season as well as the post season to hear Haley’s predictions and her own personal stories related to hockey.


July 2021 Issue

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