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According to the World Health Organization, over 264 million people worldwide have depression. Nearly 800,000 people commit suicide per year, and suicide is the second leading cause of death for people under 30. The VA research shows that an average of 20 veterans commit suicide each day. 

Sisters Bridget and Terry are on a mission to make a dent in the numbers above with their podcast, Giving Voice To Depression. The show was originally born out of Terry’s own bout with and recovery from depression; then, she asked Bridget to join her in offering hope and encouragement to people in the midst of depressive episodes. Her dream was to meet people where they were—in bed and struggling.

Over the past four years, Bridget and Terry have interviewed therapists, medical professionals, researchers, and people living with depression. They cover the spectrum of causes, symptoms, and healthy tips for healing. 

An episode that stood out to me illustrates the impact one person can have in saving hundreds—they interview a man who has helped suicidal people on the Golden Gate Bridge choose life. 

Bridget and Terry have soothing voices, and as interviewers, their style is warm and compassionate as they create a safe space for their guests while fulfilling their mission to eradicate the stigma and shame of depression. They truly offer hope for healing.


March 2021 Issue


  1. As the producer and co-host of the Giving Voice to Depression podcast (Terry) I want to thank you for making my day. We want nothing more than to offer hope, and the fact you feel we do is the boost I needed today– so thank you!

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