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“Joe House is joined by a rotating cast of Ringer and golf-world personalities to break down the latest in golf headlines and news from social media, keep up with everything Tiger Woods, and delve into the world of golf gambling.”

Joe House’s podcast, Fairway Rollin’, looks back on Golf 2020: the restart, highlights, upsets, lowlights, worst bets, and everything in between. Joe is often joined by guests Nathan Hubbard and Chris Vernon. (Check out episode one if you’d like to hear Chris discuss his viral Masters recap video along with some great events to look forward to in 2021.) 

Nathan is fantastic. He’s insightful and on point with his commentary and worth listening to every week. If you’re up for a deep dive into betting on golf, Joe has you covered with specific pointers. He’s also getting much better at hosting a podcast, and his guests seem to be getting more comfortable with his slightly hyper manner. 

Fairway Rollin’ is a good podcast when you need to tune it to all things golf!


February 2021 Issue

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