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Equals is a seasonal podcast about hope in the fight against inequality. 

The episode I listened to featured Zambian Musical Artist PilAto. Orphaned at age 16 when both of his parents were killed, PilAto’s family was split up, and he had to depend on the kindness of others to help him. Through his music, he aims to help people in Africa and throughout the world by shining a spotlight on the issues they face. 

PilAto sees music as political power. His song titled “It’s Not Fair” recently reached #1. This was not a new feat for him, but what was new was that this song focuses on injustices, and according to him, those types of songs rarely become #1.

Another episode featured award-winning author Gary Younge who spoke about how COVID highlighted the racial problems we see in the world. “It’s not that the virus prefers Black people; it’s not the virus that discriminates; it is society that discriminates, in that Black people are more likely to live in cramped surroundings and to work in public places. They aren’t suffering because they are Black, but because they are poor. This virus has taught us that even if you try to silo yourself off, we’re all interconnected,” he said.

I love how this podcast tackles different aspects of inequality from different perspectives in each 30-minute episode.


May 2021 Issue

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