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There are two kinds of people in this world—those who loved the TV show Duck Dynasty and those who didn’t. I fall into the former category, so I had high expectations for the podcast. But alas…

The Duck Call Room podcast, hosted by stars of the show Si Roberson and Justin Martin, is a show about nothing… and not in a good “Jerry Seinfeld” kind of way. 

The podcast tries to be funny, but despite moments of mild amusement, it mainly falls flat. The humor of the TV show relied heavily on visual shots of the characters, their facial expressions, and physical comedy. This just doesn’t translate as well to the podcast. 

To be fair, each episode is uploaded to YouTube, so there is a visual available. However, this magazine is not about YouTube videos; it’s about podcasts, so the visual doesn’t come into play. 

I listened to several episodes (like “What Really Happened on Duck Dynasty”) in the hopes of finding TV show intel, but couldn’t get past the “good ole boy” conversation and into the meat of the episode. It was the same with several episodes—it just took too long to get to the stories. 

I really wanted to like this podcast. 

I really wanted more. 

I guess it’s back to Duck Dynasty reruns on cable, for me. 


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