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Under The Radar: Donuts & Devos

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What’s the cutest podcast you’ve ever heard?

 I have one sure to be a contender.

 Donuts & Devos is a podcast for kids. Produced and hosted by Marifaith Mueller, this show is adorable! Marifaith incorporates her children in the script as she explains a Bible story, letting them ask questions to move the story along.

 But this podcast is more than just “cute.”

 For the uninitiated, “devos” is short for devotions, a common Christian word for reflective and meditative time. Donuts & Devos leads both children and parent listeners through saying the Lord’s prayer, reading Scripture, and having a discussion about the story. Then, Mueller incorporates practices like introducing a “faith word” for more discussion and memorization through song.

 Each episode also offers free downloads on the podcast’s website to help children pay attention to the story. For the younger kids, there is a coloring sheet, whereas older kids can use an activity sheet. 

 Published reliably every week and with excellent audio quality, this podcast is an engaging listen.

 Donuts & Devos exemplifies how creative use of technology can help create the kind of culture you want to exist. Mueller is creating an impressive resource for families that will help them know the Bible and have better conversations about the most important things in life.

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