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Clunky but interesting and sometimes humorous. That is the best way to sum up Crime Theories

After over two years of writing for Podcast Magazine and listening to dozens, probably over 100 podcasts in that time, I hear a lot of what I call “yammering.” I was even compelled to look up the definition—“to yammer” is to “talk foolishly or incessantly.”

Fortunately, the yammering done by the hosts of Crime Theories is the latter. Because there’s nothing wrong with talking incessantly, as long as it is entertaining and interesting. And that is the case with Crime Theories

The podcast primarily digs into cold cases as well as the theories behind them. Most of the stories are not terribly familiar, which I found intriguing. 

I particularly like the way the co-hosts opine about cases. They share opinions backed by logic, and not in a way that forces their points of view on listeners. 

This was especially the case in my favorite episode: #89, “The Teenage Shooter.” They covered the story very well and handled the delicate aspects, such as the family refusing to talk to the hosts, quite tactfully. 

While the hosts take their storytelling seriously, fortunately, the same does not apply to themselves. Most listeners will enjoy the often-lighthearted banter. If you’re looking for something just a little different on your next road trip, give Crime Theories a listen.


March 2022 Issue

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