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Liz Eggleston is the founder of Course Report, the definitive source of coding bootcamps around the world, as well as the cohost of the namesake podcast with Imogene Crispe. Each month, they roundup all the news about bootcamps around the world to make it easier for prospective coders to determine where to go to learn to code.

Politics, reviews, job outcomes, mergers and acquisitions, workforce development, scholarships, and more are covered in each episode. It is obvious the two hosts love what they do and have a depth of knowledge in the industry to provide honest and fleshed-out information about anything you didn’t even know you should be thinking about if you are a student, bootcamper, or investor in coding bootcamps. I didn’t know there were so many details to think about around bootcamps. 

After listening to this podcast, I think every high school student who is thinking about going into coding should do the same before choosing a college. Plus, if you’ve been affected by Covid and have had to pivot in your career, this podcast can provide assistance with finding a skills reboot though coding without having to go get a college degree. 

The hosts are passionate about helping clear the chaos around the world of coding bootcamps. Whether you are new to coding, know someone who needs job help, or just want to learn what is out there around job retraining, I highly recommend this podcast.


May 2021 Issue

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