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Religious people sometimes get a reputation for shutting down hard questions. Host of the Can I Say This at Church? podcast Seth Price started this provocative show as a result of having his own questions that he wasn’t sure he could actually ask aloud at his church and still be accepted. 

Can I Say This at Church? fearlessly dives into the deepest theological topics from various traditions. Past episodes cover questions about justice, the Enneagram, politics, and hell. 

Guests are often from the progressive wing of Christian faith, and include Brad Jersak, Keith Giles, and Alexander John Shaia. While some conservative Christians may be put off by this, listening to this podcast is perhaps the safest way to explore new ideas, even if only to reaffirm your own creed.

Price’s voice is deep, smooth, and perfect for audio. He delivers with a humble tone that invites the listener to join in the expertly curated conversation. Generally, audio quality is solid, though some guests do not match Price’s quality.

 Episodes are delivered consistently every week, so you’re never left waiting. 

Price also does an outstanding job creating space for his audience to ask their own questions in a complementary Facebook group called “Can I Say This at Church Honest Discussions.” The openness he brings to the podcast is evident in his interactions with the audience, as well. 

This show is perfect for those wrestling with a Christian tradition or the claims of Christianity.


May 2020 Issue

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