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The title of this show would lead one to believe that there would be a little more sass, pizazz, and/or maybe even sexiness from show hosts Chris and Emily. Alas, that’s not the case. 

While highly rated on Apple—4.5 stars based on 76 ratings since its inception in 2016—it’s a rather “ho hum” collection of 95 episodes consisting of two suburban women sharing what they are reading and encouraging listeners with an occasional read along. On some of the episodes, Chris comes through the mic much louder than her co-host Emily. While there could of course have been some technical challenges going on, which certainly can happen on occasion, it made for a difficult listen and Emily was hard to hear. The two hosts also seem to have a tendency to talk over each other and to give quite long descriptions of the plots of the books they review. 

I found myself zoning out several times throughout different episodes, having to rewind and listen more than once to reconnect with the flow of the conversation. I was hoping (at the very least) for an episode where they reviewed some steamy erotica or even sexy romance novels in order to live up to their name. 

In reality, though, these two middle-aged women on the hunt for a good book left me on the hunt for a good nap. 


May 2020 Issue

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