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Do you remember where you were and what you were doing last Tuesday?

Most of us can’t.

But what if I asked where you were and what you were doing Tuesday, September 11, 2001?

Most of us can.

In this limited-series podcast, award-winning investigative journalist Steve Gregory carefully and delicately explores the actions taken by the United States Government following the attacks of 9/11, including the creation of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the Department of Homeland Security.

In episode two, Gregory interviews retired air traffic controller Bart Avery. He recounts how the 4,000 airplanes in the sky at the time had to be diverted and grounded to the nearest airport. The pilots who had just taken off did not know or understand why they were being diverted, but very soon, not only did they understand, but they joined the rest of the nation as shock, sadness, anger, and fear engulfed us.

Episode three follows the creation of TSA, and you get to hear the very first press conference in 2001 announcing the deployment of newly trained TSA screeners and the incredibly short deadline the agency had to meet to make this nation safe again for travel.

At the end of each episode, Gregory poses a question that only each individual can answer: 

“Are we safer today than 20 years ago?”

I highly recommend this podcast, because we must never forget.


November 2021 Issue

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