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It’s a verifiable fact that certain health concerns get more mainstream media attention than others. So where can the average person find accurate information on disruptive or life-threatening conditions that aren’t considered newsworthy? 


In fact, not only are passionate podcasters delving into underrated health threats, but some are also busting common health-related myths and misconceptions.

Following are just some of the amazing shows out there truly making a difference in people’s lives. 

Making It Simple

Andrea Allen, mother of four and the creator and host of the Making It Simple podcast, shares her perspective on a massive problem women are facing:

“Many women don’t understand how the inner core works or how to brace the core in movement after kids. Women think starving themselves, cardio, or more crunches will improve the core, but they can’t figure out why they have insane back pain and leakage. It affects soooo many women unknowingly, but they think it’s just part of life. Learning to use your diaphragm and brace the core properly with core breathing would change so many female lives and reduce pain from overcompensation, yet the fitness industry rarely talks about it at all.”

Perry Nickelston: Stop Chasing Pain

Host Dr. Perry Nickelston is very clear on what he views as the most underrated health threat today. “It’s systemic, full-body inflammation brought on by an overburdened lymphatic system—inflammatory interstitial stasis. When sympathetic dominant nervous systems get stuck in emotional fight-or-flight survival mode as a result of incessant stress stagnating fluid flow, it causes the body to break down. Why does this happen? Neglect. People don’t know about the lymphatics and how to take care of their own lymphatic system.” 

The Empowering Neurologist

On The Empowering Neurologist podcast, Dr. David Perlmutter interviews some of the most thought-provoking leaders in the field of health and wellness, including Doctors Mark Hyman and Daniel Amen. The conversations are very revealing. Listeners learn why glyphosate is a global health threat and can discover the chemicals in our environment that are poisoning us, as well as what fatigue reveals about our health. COVID-19 is covered too, but not in the way everyone else is talking about it. What you need to know about long-haul COVID is revealed in one episode, while in another, the prediction and prevention of long-haul COVID is discussed. The long-term impact of COVID on children doesn’t escape scrutiny either, and the episode “How COVID Threatens the Brain” provides listeners with little-known information.

The Doctor’s Farmacy with Mark Hyman, M.D. 

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Dr. Mark Hyman and his guests share insights about burning issues related to health, wellness, food, and politics. The conversations dig into the role the food we eat and our food system plays in perpetrating ever-growing rates of chronic disease. Dr. Hyman advocates for agricultural, food, and healthcare policies that will promote healthy lifestyles rather than driving increasing incidences of obesity, environmental degradation, and climate change. 

Dr. Streicher’s Inside Information: THE Menopause Podcast

Menopause isn’t typically considered a sexy topic. This doesn’t faze Dr. Lauren Streicher, a nationally recognized menopause expert and host of Dr. Streicher’s Inside Information: THE Menopause Podcast. Taboo topics like male and female genitalia are fodder for often lighthearted discussion. Also expect solution-driven conversations on leaky bladders, difficulty having orgasms, hair loss, infections that may result from certain lubricants, and all manners of perimenopausal and post-menopausal symptoms that women struggle with silently. Best of all, Dr. Streicher, the Medical Director of the Northwestern Medicine Center for Sexual Medicine and Menopause, is passionate about sharing solutions that many doctors don’t tell women about and replacing myths with accurate information about menopause. 

Wellness: Fact vs. Fiction

Host Dr. Danielle Belardo is a cardiologist, and it is immediately clear to listeners that this show is a platform where they’ll learn about medicine rooted in facts. Fake diagnoses, magical cures, and dangerous supplements are all exposed here. Dr. Belardo interviews experts who examine wellness trends and debunk sensational headlines as they break down topics like nutrition science, dermatology, gastroenterology, women’s health, mental health, and exercise science. The common myths that once had this host fooled are torn apart so members of the public aren’t bamboozled into buying so-called “solutions” that were formed out of pseudoscience and won’t improve their lives.

These dedicated podcasters are leading the way with their no-holds-barred examination of what’s happening in the health and wellness world and beyond. They are ensuring that their audiences don’t believe the hype and have access to little-known information that may very well save lives.


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