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Overheard at National Geographic

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Imagine hearing the snorts of hippos as they splash in the water of the background. Or hearing hoofs of giraffes as they boarded a boat to be floated downstream. 

These were the visuals that were brought to life for me as I interviewed the host of Overheard at National Geographic Peter Gwin and his co-host Amy Briggs. 

We are all born with a sense of curiosity that somehow seems to leave us as we grow older. Yet, deep down, I think we all long to see the ends of the earth that we may never travel to.

That is where the amazing Overheard at National Geographic Podcast steps in to take us on adventure after adventure. I couldn’t wait to interview these two!

Heading into their eighth season, weekly, a guest is interviewed about their experiences ranging from a secret gateway to an underwater world to loving bats! With hosts Peter and Amy, they have a way to bring you into the story as if you were physically there with them.

Peter attributes his narrative talents to growing up in a southern home in Georgia, where the stories abounded at the dinner table between his father, mother, and siblings. According to Peter, he got his fair share of stories told then and continues that talent today through his writing for National Geographic and host of the Podcast.

Amy, on the other hand, took a little more coaxing to pull back the curtain to see where her love of history began to flourish. She attributes it to a teacher who brought Ben Franklin to life for her, as that is when she realized the characters in our history books had been actual living beings like you and me. Her passion for history and bringing it to life is quite a talent that she brings forth for readers and listeners alike.

Stories of divers being trapped in shark cages to Amelia Earhart’s yearly parade in her honor held in her hometown, kept my mind whirling with the adventures that Peter and Amy shared with me. These two in their everyday lives’ life out what many of us will only dream about.

One topic that was stressed the most, was how thankful Peter and Amy are for the outstandingly talented team that was organically created for the Podcast. It was quite clear that this team is more of a family than anything else. Their focus is on delivering an even more dramatic Podcast in the future with increasingly more time and efforts put into the audio quality of a top produced show.

Avar Ardalan, Executive Producer.

Carla Wills, Senior Producer.

Eli Chen, Senior Editor.

Amy Briggs, Peter Gwin, Hosts.

Jacob Pinter, Brian Gutierrez, Ilana Strauss, Producers

 Hansdale Hsu, Sound Designer

Ted Woods, Sound Designer

Get back into the inquisitive curiosity of the wonders of the world with Overheard! I highly recommend it.

To learn more about Overheard at National Geographic Podcast, visit them at


January 2022 Podcast

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