Dr. Josh Axe

Dr. Josh Axe: Taking The Axe To Illness

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July 2020 pg 31

In light of all that is happening in the world today with Covid-19 and the global fear that has gripped the nation and changed the landscape of the world as we know it, it’s more important than ever to take charge of your health, your life, and your future. But with SO much conflicting information out there already, how do you know who you can trust, and where to go for the answers that can truly guide you down the right path for you? I’ll tell you!

You can trust Dr. Josh Axe, and The Dr. Axe Show is where you can turn.


If you are interested in no-holds barred information, advice, and strategies on how to begin really taking control of your health, Josh is the man to provide it.

A Doctor  of  Chiropractic,  a  Doctor of Natural Medicine, and a Certified Nutritionist, his passion and love for health and wellness began early on, in Dayton, Ohio.

Between seventh and eighth grade, Josh’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. That was the catalyst for Josh to become a truth seeker.

Remembering his mom as “always looking so healthy,” her diagnosis was a bit confusing.

She was his gym teacher in elementary school, as well as a swim instructor, and his father was a semi-pro skier and weightlifter. In other words, Josh was born into a health-conscious family.

But after watching her go through “rounds and rounds” of chemotherapy, lose her hair, and undergo a double mastectomy, Josh knew “there had to be a better way.” This singular thought became the seed that would later bloom into a career that spanned the globe and positively impacted millions.

Embarking on a journey of discovery and learning, Josh began surrounding himself with people who could teach and mentor him in health and wellness—

Josh’s biggest life lesson is this: “You become who you surround yourself with, and it’s important to build a community of people you are deeply connected to… who you can love and encourage, and who will then do the same for you,” so you can transform your health and life.

After all, it is your mind and body that will be negatively affected if you don’t. The great news? Taking charge of your own health really is as simple as picking up an axe and chopping down that tree… only in this case, the “axe” you wield is comprised of the insights and knowledge from Dr. Josh Axe, and the “tree” is your own willingness to take control and learn all you can about your emotional and physical bodies.



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