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I recently flew to sunny San Diego to go “behind the scenes” and meet Dana Robinson and Nate Broughton, hosts of one of my favorite podcasts, and watch them do a live recording of their show in studio.

One of the first things I noticed was how chill the guys were. They seemed totally relaxed—no stress, no pressure… and in today’s world, that stands out.

How do they do it? 

I suspect by embracing one idea: to opt out.

We live in a crazy world. Everyone wants you to ‘opt in’ to something: email lists, subscriptions, text messaging, rewards plans, social networks. 

Is it time to opt out

To say “no more” to the rat race?

To consider creating your own goals around something different than the modern version of the American Dream?

That’s the whole idea behind the Opt Out Life podcast. Hosts Dana and Nate are subversive millionaires on a mission to build a community of contrarians ready to make a different choice about how they’ll live their lives. Their ‘opt outers’ choose alternative approaches to business, money, and life.

In other words, they want to help you live the “opt-out life” your own way.

A lifehacker since he was just a kid, Dana’s mom nicknamed him MacGyver. He started his first business at just 19 years old. From there, he’s started, owned, and co-founded a dozen ventures with one goal in mind: “To do what I want, when I want.”

Nate found himself bored in college. Looking to fill his empty wallet, he took a job at a company being run out of a basement and discovered the power of online marketing.

Then, in 2015, Dana decided it was time for a reset. He sold everything, and bought a one-way ticket to Bali. He wrote a book. 

Nate read it and loved it… in fact, it became the start of his mission to turn the ‘opt out life’ idea into a movement. That movement needed a podcast and blog as mediums to spread the message.

So, the friends jumped in with a unique podcast approach: get regular, every day, successful people to sit down and reveal exactly what they’ve done to create the lifestyles they dreamed about. 

This show is not about private jets, VC funding, and fancy degrees… it’s about taking small steps toward the life you really want. Instead of focusing on the degree, home, investments, and less-than-secure American Dream security… Opt Out Life explains the alternatives—like starting a side hustle and growing it.

It features real stories from real people who’ve made real changes in their lives. 

Listen in and discover how they’ve been able to:

* Choose lifestyle over money, while still making great money.

* Create unusual success while flying under the radar (no media whores, no fame, no elites).

* Build their ‘opt-out’ life with intentional action (not by “getting lucky”).

* Work for themselves (no mega companies, no bosses, no job titles, sometimes no jobs at all!).

Now, it’s your turn! 

This podcast goes beyond the stories. Every guest will surprise and inspire you with practical ideas about how you can live a life of freedom, too. 

Their podcast description couldn’t be more accurate: 

Opt Out Life truly is the no B.S. guide to living the modern ‘good life.’”

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