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Andrea Beaman is an internationally renowned health and wellness educator, holistic health coach, herbalist, natural foods chef, and host of the podcast Andrea Beaman Speaks Out.

Since 1999, this bestselling author has been teaching people how to harness the body’s own preventative and healing powers using food, herbal remedies, and alternative medicine.

“People generally will come to me when they’re feeling out of sorts or out of balance in some way. I feel like my job on this planet, which I totally love, is to help them see if there’s another way to experience life in their human body… maybe by shifting their diet a little bit, or their consciousness, or their relationships, so they can feel more balanced.”

Andrea’s podcast was created to provide “access to uncensored, holistic, and alternative healing wisdom to support your body, mind, and spirit and help you live a happier and more vibrant life.” True to her down-to-earth nature, in the show’s intro, she adds, “And you get it all without any bullcrap or nonsense.”

She started the podcast after some persistent prodding from her husband and quickly saw that her voice is needed in the world. Andrea selected a reputable podcast company to create a professional finished product. Before she hired them, she warned the owner that her thoughts and ideas are not typically aligned with mainstream media and medicine, as reflected in her pre-existing content. Although he initially assured her that this wouldn’t be a problem, when she sent him her first three recordings, he said that they weren’t going to be able to work with her. 

Andrea chuckled. “I told the owner, ‘No hard feelings. You go off on your way and continue working with the people you align with. I’m going to do my podcast my way. I send you off with good vibes. And I thank you for the opportunity to get clarity, confirming that what I’m saying to the world is very important and needed.’”

Since then, Andrea has found herself wondering whether Americans truly have the right to freedom of speech. “Look what they’re doing to Joe Rogan, the biggest podcaster in the world! They are trying to silence him, as well.

“I think one of the beauties of podcasting is the opportunity to have conversations and cast your views out into the world.”

That’s what Andrea, who self-describes as “a child of the universe,” is doing in her uniquely joyful way. 

“I’m here on this planet to have wonderful experiences. I’m learning and growing as much as I can and sharing those experiences and the things I’m learning with my friends. While I’m here, I’m in awe as I learn that, when I hug another human being, it feels really good, and this body has self-healing capacities. It can climb mountains and swim in the ocean. Our body is housing our spirit, and it is only here for a limited time. 

“I’m already 54 years old. Time is flying by. Let’s say today is my last day. Were those 54 years a fun, enlightening experience, or was it full of trauma, drama, and stress? I’m not saying that the latter aren’t a part of our existence, but I can feel it and keep moving forward.

“The human body is perfectly designed to handle life on planet Earth. When a virus comes along, the body is going to make the required antibodies to fight it. Medical journals are now coming out and saying natural immunity has been surpassing vaccine immunity. That’s why boosters aren’t working. We have to take all of this into account.

“I leave it to people to trust their own inner wisdom. I encourage them to start quieting the news, the media, and all the noise. Instead, go inside and ask, ‘Is this for me, or is it is not for me?’ No one should be coerced and threatened with losing their job if they don’t take the jab, or not be allowed to eat in a restaurant. None of that is based on facts. Where is the evidence that unvaccinated people are causing this pandemic? It’s just craziness.” 

She added, “There’s no doubt in my mind that my childhood vaccinations contributed to the autoimmune condition I had.”

Andrea has not been a part of the healthcare system for the past 25 years. “I can’t even call it a ‘healthcare system,’ because it’s broken. I’m not anti-medicine, though. If I get a cut, and an infection develops and starts to spread, give me the antibiotics. If I step on a rusty nail, I’ll take a tetanus shot. I’m no fool.” 

She admitted that through her teenage years and into her 20s, she was “polluting her system.” 

“I was drinking and drugging. My body, mind, and heart were out of harmony, and I was disconnected from my spirit. When my thyroid disease came, I started changing my diet and taking care of myself. That led to changes in my body, and my thyroid started to heal.”

Andrea was working at MTV Networks at the time, and music videos were blaring everywhere. “I started feeling like what was coming into my eyes and ears was affecting my body on an energetic level. I needed some silence.” 

She started to do the meditations in a book recommended to her by her friend Jason, and one day, she experienced the profound peace and gravity-defying sensation that comes from being one with the universe. To bring some of that experience into daily life, she dived deeper into meditation, the chakras, and ancient medicine.

Always happy to share her insights, she hopes that her podcast will reach some new ears, so more people start questioning things, whether it’s their food or their life. “I would like to help people wake up and speak up.”

Andrea is shining a light on issues that aren’t discussed often enough, and she is sure to encourage others to do the same.


May 2022 Issue

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