UTR: Nice Girl CEO

We all know it’s a “dog eat dog” world in business… or is it?  Does it really require the aggression of an MMA fighter, and disconnected emotionless logic of a computer to

UTR: Station Blue

  Cute penguins aside, there’s something inherently creepy about Antarctica.  I suspect it’s the feeling of getting a pretty decent glimpse of what being in outer space might be like. Sure, there’s

UTR: Code Newbie

  Saron Yitbarek is the host of the Code Newbie podcast. With seventeen seasons of the show published, listeners are sure to find useful content no matter their level of coding experience.

UTR: Topics Under the Stars

  This is a hard podcast to review.  It’s fairly new—less than a year old and about 50 episodes published at the time of this writing. The episodes drop weekly. Overall, it’s

Dead Things That Go Bump In The Night?

“It’s the great unknown. We’ve traveled to space. We’ve traveled to the sea. We’ve traveled the deserts, and the only real final frontier is what comes after life. Everybody’s touched by it.

UTR: Hope Unyielding

  In these strange times, the greatest benefit of podcasting is the ability to hear from others and feel less alone. Learning that we are not the only ones who suffer brings

Father Mike Schmitz

“I could have been the first ex-Mr. Angelina Jolie,” chuckled Father Mike Schmitz.  In the mid-1990s, Fr. Schmitz auditioned for the male lead role to star opposite Jolie in the movie Hackers.

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