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This is a hard podcast to review. 

It’s fairly new—less than a year old and about 50 episodes published at the time of this writing. The episodes drop weekly.

Overall, it’s a really good podcast, and I did enjoy listening to the episodes I chose. 

The good: Hosts Jon Stairs and Ryan Hathaway are engaging and personable, and they bring a variety of guests (mostly entrepreneurs with different backgrounds) to their audience. I really like the way they interact. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to the show themes, which is good and bad—more below. There are a lot of topics to choose from based on the listeners’ personal interests. 

The bad: I have two problems: the first is the roughly 30 seconds of just music before they even start. Guys… get to it quicker! I did test several of the episodes, and this seemed to be the norm. Easily fixable to get this rating up! The second is the category. The expectation was this is an automotive podcast. While there is some talk of cars and ATVs, it is not the focus. From a straight automotive perspective, it lacks. But in a different category, this would be a 4.5 (if they fix the music, of course… just sayin’!).


October 2021 Issue

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