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The Where You Are podcast skillfully challenges many of the myths and stereotypes associated with mental health. Real-life stories and practical tips are offered to meet families where they are in their journey.

The hosts from BC Children’s Hospital’s Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre are Michelle Horn and Bryn Askwith. Their conversations with health professionals feel casual, yet they are incredibly informative. They also answer questions from parents and caregivers and address families’ concerns about navigating difficult situations.

Pivotal topics covered on this show include anxiety, stress, technology use, managing family relationships, and how to have conversations about tough issues with your child.

If you’ve ever wondered how to “excavate” what’s bothering your child, you’ll welcome the episode in which child psychiatrists give valuable advice that may be somewhat surprising. 

Parents and caregivers who are raising a child with ADHD in the face of the disrupted routines and uncertainty of COVID-19 will undoubtedly appreciate the concrete tips that were provided in another episode.

On this show, you’ll also find practical tools and strategies to set your family up for a successful return to school, including what to do if your child is feeling anxious, or even refuses to go to school.

For anyone who wants to ensure their family has sound mental health and wellness, this podcast is a must-listen.


October 2021 Issue

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