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Unstoppable Women in Business covers the wide world of business from all angles with a focus on sales and business-building for the entrepreneur. 

Susan Trumpler, a successful sales coach for small businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies, is the host. She shares her knowledge through monologue episodes as well as interviews with a variety of expert guests. There is so much value in the typically 30-minute(ish) episodes. While the podcast is called “Unstoppable Women,” there is so much value for all business owners—men, too! 

Topics range from episodes on gaining visibility to sales talk to disagreeing with Amy Porterfield (gasp!) to what’s stopping you from succeeding in business. Susan brings her years of experience to each episode, and while there are tons of business podcasts out there, many are fluff and exist solely to promote the host’s business. And yes, that’s the goal of most business podcasts. 

The difference with Susan’s is that the topics and guests bring real value to listeners, too. 

Have a listen, if you’d like to grow your business.


July 2022 Issue

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