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One area of the true-crime genre that doesn’t seem to receive much attention is organized crime. So, I went in search of a podcast that focused on the mafia, and boy, did I find a great one.

A quick search on Spotify suggested The Enforcer. I almost didn’t look into it, thinking the title indicated a connection to the 1976 movie by the same name. I like that film, but it wasn’t what I was looking for.

But The Enforcer is actually about Anthony Salvatore Luciano Raimondi—a gangster who took on the role at age 13. 

He went on to serve as a top enforcer for the Colombo family for more than three decades. The podcast follows Raimondi’s first book, When the Bullet Hits the Bone, and he does an absolutely superb job of detailing his story over ten amazing episodes.

Having the privilege of covering a number of shows for Podcast Magazine®, I don’t always have the time to listen to every single episode of a particular podcast’s season, but I made the time for this one.

Please don’t misunderstand my enjoyment of The Enforcer as a way of glorifying the mafia in any way, shape, or form. However, if you are interested in digging into some of the history of organized crime in New York, this podcast needs to be on your list.


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