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Della, the star of the romantic comedy mystery Temp Girl, is a spoiled sales professional who ends up with no choice but to find work with a temp agency after she is unceremoniously dumped by the pharmaceutical company that employed her.

Her adventures include an intriguing love triangle even with a wedding just a few weeks away. The cloud of uncertainty hanging over the impending event adds some much-needed suspense to the drama.

 It seems the focus of this podcast is on the ups and downs of life that the main character encounters in her new situation.

The storyline includes a kidnapping that Della watches rather dispassionately. Her attitude may be the result of her self-absorbed character, but it feels like there was a missed opportunity to bring the story to life via her apathy. 

The author of this fictional tale, Stephanie Bond, spurs us listeners on with recaps, in case you miss anything, and an invitation to return the next day for the upcoming episode.

All in all, the five-minute diary-styled daily episodes of Temp Girl are interesting enough to keep our attention and give fans something worthwhile to listen to.


August 2022 Issue

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