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Stand Up and Stand Out, hosted by Nikki Green, is for graduating college students entering the workforce and those who may be in career transitions. Nikki’s goal is to be a voice that helps them be unique in today’s world. 

The podcast has three seasons, each roughly 10-11 episodes. The episodes feature guests ranging from money experts to career experts to those specializing in mindset and being creative. The eclectic mix of topics and guests definitely keeps the interest, and Nikki is fun and engaging.

Personally, I’m not a fan of ads at the very beginning of a podcast, but the ones in Nikki’s are short. She has a soothing intro, and the music (including the volume of it) fits the podcast. I prefer her unscripted episodes, but that is personal preference. 

Nikki’s topics are timely in this day and age, as many graduating college students are saddled with debt and different and changing employment situations. Nikki uses her extensive corporate experience to guide and coach her listening audience. I’m well past graduating college status, but I still found the episodes worth a listen, and I picked up some great nuggets around mindset and a fascinating conversation about AI (Artificial Intelligence.) 

Like many good podcasts out there, have a listen even though you may not initially think it is geared to you. This one is well worth it.


May 2022 Issue

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