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There are money help podcasts galore and many are full of pie in the sky “wealth” generators and inspiration but without real life, practical ways to put the recommendations in place. This podcast is different. Nicole Lapin, host of Money Rehab, is a master at making the complex simple and topics range from “money tips if you have no money” all the way to spending 10K on a tattoo sleeve. 

Nicole is a best selling author of several books on wealth and money management as well as a tv anchor and a reality tv host so her credentials are numerous. Her podcast airs daily and most episodes are twenty minutes or under. 

I found the episodes to be well produced and the sound quality was flawless – even on the “phone in questions” that listeners ask. These questions generally form the narrative for the daily episode. 

The rating is a result of the 2+ minutes it takes to get to the meat of the episode, most of this being commercials. I get that podcasters advertise to make money, but with some episodes as short as 11 minutes, that’s almost 10% of the show taken up before we even get to the intro. In that case, couldn’t they go at the end? I can fast forward just as easily there as I can at the beginning. 

I can’t wait to dig into more of the podcast!


August 2022 Issue

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