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“Let’s have some fun with things that rhyme. It’s poetry time!” The Kids’ Poetry Club podcast is just as fun and whimsical as its intro. If you ever thought poetry was boring, think again. 

What do you think of when you see the title “The 80’s Party”? Retro music or costumes, maybe? Not so in the Kids’ Poetry Club. The episode bearing that title honed in on the advantages and challenges 80-year-olds may experience. That’s how you inspire kids to think outside the box!

On the podcast, we hear budding young poets reading their entries for The Club’s regular competitions, and Little Dazzy Donuts is the character responsible for sharing insights into what makes each poem work beautifully. From mint chocolate chip trees to galactic landscapes, the imagery is sure to captivate kids and grownups alike.

Each episode delivers a charming combination of stories, amusing interplay between characters, and easygoing conversations with knowledgeable adults. The Club comes to life every week thanks to carefully crafted characters like Queenie and her best friends: saxophone player Chicken, Hedgehog, who pays seasonal visits, and Shasta, a sheep who enjoys dancing and magic.

It is heartwarming to see that the Kids’ Poetry Club is a space where the ingenuity of both adult creators and young creatives can shine. Take a listen today!


December 2021 Issue

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