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I was barely 18 when my mother passed away, and we were never close. None of my friends had lost their mother, and if they had, we never discussed being “motherless” or how our lives were impacted by the loss. 

I Swear On My Mother’s Grave is about the memories, influences, and dynamics of losing a mother, whether through death or by choice. I was immediately hooked by the trailer of this podcast.

Dana Black, the podcast host, is on a mission to unpack and process her relationship with her mother, share her guests’ stories, and find the common threads that exist in mother/child relationships. 

While the topic in and of itself has the potential to be heavy, there is a great deal of laughter. I found the conversations light and insightful. Plus, Dana’s interview style is warm and conversational, and her guests share their stories with refreshing openness. 

The beauty of this podcast is that all share their own vulnerabilities—not with shame, but with acceptance. The episodes focus on the various stages of healing from grief and generational trauma, and the grief isn’t necessarily from losing a parent to death. Dana lost her mother over several years due to opioid addiction. 

I was touched by the flowing empathy and the aura of love enveloping each episode.


August 2021 Issue

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