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Dave Bittner and Joe Carrigan host a show that clearly explains the links behind all the major cyber hacks we have ever seen, including those that, at times, have shut down critical infrastructure: the human element. Through interviews, input from listeners, and their own research, Dave and Joe break down the ways in which social engineering hacks have changed our world… and cost it billions of dollars.

I love the way the hosts weave in listener experience and expert perspectives. It all works to give a multidimensional view as to why people continue to fall victim to sometimes inept and most of the time cleverly crafted attempts to enter a computer for malicious purposes. They also have transcripts of all their episodes, making it accessible for that portion of the population that cannot hear the show.

Since many of the terms used on the show can sound like made-up words, the hosts also have separate five-minute episodes explaining several of the most common acronyms. Just another example of how approachable they want the show to be to the non-tech listener. But that doesn’t mean they don’t go deep into each topic and come up with information even someone in tech might not be aware of, because they do. 

Check out the episode titled “Digital Identities Are at the Core of Recent Breaches,” and listen to the part about Pixar hacking our brains with color. Mind blown!


July 2021 Issue

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