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Firmly believing that makeup is for everyone, award-winning international makeup artist, business coach for makeup artists, and educator Natalie Setarah launched this show to provide an inside look at the 532-billion-dollar beauty industry. 

Whether you are a makeup enthusiast, professional makeup artist, or simply curious about the industry, Natalie believes this show is for you. She brings celebrity makeup artists, brand founders, and leading makeup and beauty industry experts on to share their knowledge and insights about how makeup shapes culture. Bonus episodes include her thoughts on topics like creating your signature look. 

When Natalie noticed a clear void of real-life, practical, accessible, inclusive, and unbiased education, she decided to fill that void and teach people how to shop for, apply, and wear makeup.

Even though Natalie’s got the IN, she proclaims herself a beauty industry outsider who challenges the status quo. And while the content is good and the sound quality great, this show would gain traction if Natalie could provide listeners with consistent content (only 27 episodes since spring of 2018) and stay more alignment with her mission to fill the void she’s intending to fill. 

More episodes would really improve her credibility on this topic and demonstrate that she actually is committed to serving what she herself has identified as an underserved audience. Go all in and make this a weekly show!


June 2021 Issue

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