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A confident eight-year-old who is naturally comfortable on-air? That’s Madison Lauren. Her podcast All Things Madison is produced by her dad, Deronté Smith. In one episode, we learn that her mother died when she was only three years old, and her father took the reins to raise her on his own. 

Together, they’ve created an informative-yet-entertaining show. They give kids a chance to hear from people they would love to meet, including a zookeeper, puppeteer, former rocket scientist, authors, and Disney animators, among others. Cool rap songs, jokes of the day, and funny skits are thrown into the mix to keep you glued to the show.

Don’t be fooled—Madison doesn’t pretend that the world is a perfect place. She certainly doesn’t shy away from addressing hot topics in the news—the kind kids want to know more about. She talked about the significance of being born at a time when a Black family, with little girls who look like her, was in the White House. She has also called for an end to hate crimes against Asians, highlighted female movers and shakers, and recently interviewed a mother and her autistic son.

This little girl with a big presence is making an indelible mark on the podcast world with All Things Madison. Take a listen today. 


June 2021 Issue

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