Under The Radar: Afford Anything

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5 Mics RatingAre you ready to finally get better control of your finances, for real? 

Check out the podcast Afford Anything. As host Paula Pant says, “You can afford anything—but not everything.” 

 With 266 episodes and 2,000+ reviews, you’ll quickly realize you’ve found a library full of truly useful, realistic money advice with a decision-making focus. 

 Afford Anything is packed full of interviews with entrepreneurs, early retirees, millionaires, investors, artists, adventurers, scientists, psychologists, productivity experts, world travelers and “regular” people all sharing how they’ve intentionally created the lives they desired.

 In current news, Paula and guests are breaking down the potential long-term effects of government stimulus packages, stock market swings, emergency funds, ethical investing, and more.  She also recently shared her personal experience with testing positive for covid-19 and her lessons learned.

 Oh, and with Paula’s number one rule being to “adopt the anti-budget,” you know you won’t be hearing the same old cookie-cutter type financial management advice on this podcast.  You’ll discover how to start a blog, travel for free, successfully invest in real estate, build a rental empire, and so much more, so you can create the financial and time freedom that allows you to escape average and create an amazing life.

 Switch out of default mode and into an optimized, deliberate life by discovering how to make smarter daily decisions.

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