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Podcast Magazine has spent its inaugural year building a leading brand and a tremendous audience. We’re now moving toward building advertiser partnerships. Rates will never be as low as they are today. It’s the perfect time to get locked in.

After exhaustive research, algorithms, and surveys, we’ve uncovered some critical insights. Podcast Magazine audiences are huge fans of the following categories and brands:


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Podcast Magazine’s ‘ClubPod’ Clubhouse is a Rockin’!

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an iPhone voice-chatting app where individuals can host and join different conversations. Upon opening the app, you are met with a list of “rooms” that you can join, or you can create your own room. Each room has a different topic, often hosted by an expert or pioneer in the field. There are no videos, no pictures, and hardly any text. It’s all just audio.

We started ClubPod in Clubhouse late Dec. 2020 and already have nearly 40k followers. We don’t yet have product offerings or a pricing structure built in for Clubhouse. Talk to your rep about a solution right for you. Here are our initial numbers:
ClubPod Members and Followers

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