UTR: In Scope

  In Scope is an unexpected find in the technology podcast genre. As I was searching for a show to review for this issue, I came upon this podcast and was immediately

Terry Wollman: Embodying the Open-Door Policy

As a passionate artist and podcast aficionado, it’s so gratifying and refreshing to have a heartfelt dialogue with amazingly talented individuals who’ve amassed great success and understand the intricacies of the music

UTR: The Grunge Bible Podcast

  “I know someday you’ll have a beautiful life, I know you’ll be a star in somebody else’s sky… but why, why can’t it be mine?” I remember the first time I

UTR: Getting Old Quickly

  It takes courage to talk openly about one’s struggles with anxiety, depression, and navigating midlife. It is impressive to find that Billy Donnelly is not afraid to do this on his

Health & Patient Advocacy

Healthcare systems in this country have been described as “complex,” and some say they are fraught with problems. As a result, health and patient advocacy are crucially important. The good news is


Pontifacts is not the only podcast that focuses on the popes, but it is certainly the most entertaining.  It is presented by Bry and Fry, two very funny women who obviously have

UTR: American Epistles

  American Epistles is a true gem of a podcast. Susan Otchere brings history to life through the letters she has discovered and shares with listeners. These letters, as well as other