40 Over 40 in Podcasting for 2022

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In our April issue, we celebrated 40 podcasters under the age of forty who are passionate about their topic of influence in the podcasting medium. This month, we asked for your help in identifying 40 Over Forty podcasters who also tirelessly strive to share their passion, knowledge, and experience in their specific areas of interest with listeners worldwide.

One of the beautiful aspects of the world of podcasting is that it doesn’t discern. People from all walks of life—all ages, races, religions, and opinions—have a place, making it that much easier for them to find audiences that turn into communities.

To the 40 Over Forty featured in the following pages, we salute and congratulate you!


Alex Terranova is the host of The DreamMason Podcast, co-host of The Coaching Show and The Frequency Shifters Show, and producer of over 15 other podcasts. A “performance alchemist” dubbed “The Anti-Excuses Coach” by Yahoo Finance, he supports wildly successful and influential people to live lives of purpose, passion, and impact. He is committed to providing value to others, including his fellow podcasters, so they have flourishing shows. He has also appeared as a guest on over 500 episodes. For Alex, podcasting isn’t about money—it’s about helping those who might otherwise lack a voice in the world.


Annie Bell Luevano is the co-host of the Fresh Hell Podcast. Recipient of the People’s Choice Podcast Award in the “Best Female Hosted” category in 2021, Fresh Hell was also number five in Podcast Magazine’s Hot 50 this past June. Despite her many personal struggles over the years, Annie never gives up. She supports and encourages her listeners, who regularly refer to her as “an inspiration.”  


Billy O’Connor is the host of A Mick A Mook and a Mic. A Vietnam vet, this former member of the NY Fire Department for 20 years and first responder at 9/11 graduated from the University of FL with a degree in journalism at the age of 62. He has since written four books. He is known for his sense of humor and being exceptionally well-prepared for every interview he conducts. 


Brian Baltosiewich is a comedian, Emmy-nominated writer and tv/film producer, and the creator/owner of the Queen City Podcast Network, which produces, supports, and hosts approximately 40+ podcasts. He’s literally written the book on podcasting, and he speaks at podcasting conferences yearly. Considered the broadcasting guru in Charlotte, NC, he is always willing to help aspiring podcasters and filmmakers. 


Brimstone is the president, CEO, and host of The Grindhouse Radio, Inc. He also hosts The Dirty Little Secrets Club, Within Brim’s Skin, Truly Inconsequential, and Quaran-time with Brimstone. Brimstone has had a successful and rewarding career spanning over four decades throughout numerous entertainment fields. He has been a professional wrestler, actor, voice actor, author, musician, philanthropist, food critic, horror model, and comic book/animated/children’s book/video game hero. Referred to as a “Renaissance man” by many, he has a heart of gold and will do just about anything to support a good cause.


Caron LeNoir is the founder and executive producer of CARONISMedia Group, CARONISM Audio Network, and The Podcast & Profits Movement. An American journalist, producer, artist, and activist, she is a formerly homeless disabled veteran who honorably served in both the US Navy and Army. Her experience informs her advocacy for women, women veterans, and mental health. Having created and produced podcasts since 2007, her love of the medium is ever apparent. As a creator and business strategist, she leads with humor and uncommon sense. 


Chenese Lewis is the host of The Chenese Lewis Show, winner of the 2021 Outstanding Podcast – The Full-Figured Industry Award. An entrepreneur and entertainer who has gained international attention as a highly sought-after keynote speaker, expert commentator, and positive body image and self-esteem advocate, Chenese’s show is the first created for the plus-size industry. This groundbreaking podcast has helped amplify the plus-size community for fourteen years. It features in-depth interviews with the brightest plus-size stars in national brands, notable influencers, and celebrities.


Colin Anderson, VP of Content at Stitcher, trained in TV, radio, and online production before specializing in radio. He worked as a staff producer and exec in BBC Radio Comedy for 12 years, while simultaneously producing stand-up, sketch, sitcom, and additional programming for broadcast across the BBC’s networks. As a producer, Colin won Radio Academy Awards for Mark Thomas: My Life in Serious Organised Crime and The Now Show, as well as an iHeart Award for Getting Curious, among others. He consistently champions others in podcasting, especially those who have been historically marginalized and disenfranchised.


Danny Peña is the founder and host of Gamertag Radio. Radio broadcasting has always been a calling for this New York-born podcaster who grew up surrounded and inspired by hip-hop and video games. He has been in podcasting and internet radio since 2001. As part of Radio.com, a website featuring top podcasts, Danny became the first Hispanic to be inducted into the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame. Miami New Times named Gamertag Radio as among Miami’s Top 10 Podcasts.


Fiona Thraille, Exec Producer of Dashing Onions, produces, writes, edits, and runs live events for audio drama under her Dashing Onions Audio company. She has been helping lift and push the medium for years, having started with Pendant Audio over ten years ago and producing many shows before becoming the host of the Audio Drama Production Podcast in 2017. She formed her own company in 2018 and is currently releasing Perfect Retreat. A true audio legend and a massively underestimated creative in her own right, she is greatly respected in the medium.


Holly Shannon is the host and producer of Culture Factor, an education in NFTs and emerging technologies in Web3 ranked in the top two percent of over 2.8 million podcasts heard in over 95 countries. A self-professed “Swiss Army knife in business,” this three-time entrepreneur is the embodiment of the “professional podcaster.” She has spoken at notable universities and at world-renowned conferences like Podfest Global and is the author of Zero To Podcast, a number-one Amazon Hot New Release and Top 10 Bestseller. She is gracious to others and truly enjoys helping them shine in their individual greatness.


Jayne Amelia Larson is an actor, writer, producer, and the creator and host of Bonus Babies––the only podcast of its kind featuring the compelling true-life stories of youth with a lived foster care experience and the people who care for them. Her role as a Court Appointed Child Advocate (CASA) volunteer provides her with unique and invaluable insight, and her show has been downloaded in 45 countries and over 650 cities. Her book, Driving The Saudis, is a New York Times and international bestseller as well as a People Magazine Best Book Pick. She has volunteered with Los Angeles youth for 25 years.


Jennifer Fugo is the CEO and host of the Healthy Skin Show, which was nominated for a Shorty Award in 2020. A member of the American Nutrition Association, Jennifer started the podcast in January 2019 to empower, connect, and inspire change for people struggling with chronic skin conditions. Currently, it consists of over 250 episodes that strive to empower patients while educating doctors and practitioners looking to expand their knowledge and toolbox to better serve their patients. Offering a research-backed perspective, Jen is a leader in the skin condition field and is truly changing lives.


John Siuntres, the host and producer of the Word Balloon Comics Podcast, is a pioneer in the world of online content delivery. This Emmy-nominated legend’s work and many voices over his five-decade career are known by millions. Inducted into the 2022 Illinois State University Broadcast Hall of Fame, John interviews comic book writers and artists—tv writers, directors, producers, and other folk in the pop-culture sphere—engaging them in deep-dive conversations that explore their careers and creative processes. Word Balloon has become an oral history of the comic book medium with its engaging in-depth conversations.


Kim Fox is the executive producer of the award-winning Ehky Ya Masr (Tell Your Story Egypt) Podcast, a narrative, nonfiction, bilingual podcast. In 2022, the podcast made history at the Broadcast Education Association’s (BEA) Festival of Media Arts by being the first to win two Best of Festival (BoF) awards in the same year. She uniquely produces, teaches, and conducts academic research on podcasts, and she and her team executed PodFest Cairo, Egypt—Africa’s first podcasting conference. She has inspired dozens of students to incorporate podcasts into their lives and built a community of podcasters in Egypt where there wasn’t one before.


La’Vista Jones, Creator and Host of BOSS™ Talk Podcast, is the founder and CEO of 31 Marketplace, an agency committed to helping women do the work they love, without sacrificing themselves to do it. As a corporate dropout-turned-entrepreneur, she is on a mission to challenge women to cultivate their own definition of success and to live life on their own terms. La’Vista is an engaged member of Women of Color Podcasters and The Podcast Collective and is known for inspiring women with her authentic heart.


Larry Roberts is the producer and host of the You’re the Boss podcast. A high-energy and charismatic podcaster, keynote speaker, best-selling author, and international top-rated course creator, Larry has been in coaching and facilitator roles for more than 25 years. This editor-in-chief of The Podfest Messenger has grown to be one of the most highly sought-after podcasting coaches and content creators in the industry. He is known for his charismatic nature and graciousness in sharing on stage. He likes to see others thrive and is genuinely invested in the industry as a whole. 


Manny Faces is the producer/editor/host/creator of several acclaimed and award-winning shows (News Beat, Unf*cking The Republic, Hip Hop Can Save America) and owner of Manny Faces Media podcast production company. He is a journalist and podcast professional, accomplished public speaker who has presented at universities, conferences, and festivals throughout the world, and DJ. Considered one of the hardest-working podcasters out there, he strives to use the medium to amplify the lesser-heard voices. With a fantastic sense of humor and a pure heart of gold, Manny endeavors to do what’s right for everybody in all he does.


Matt Payne is a photographer, outdoor advocate, mountain climber, outdoorsman, and the host of the podcast F-Stop Collaborate and Listen. He is the go-to guy in the world of landscape photography. Because of his commitment to the profession, his podcast alone has enlightened thousands of photographers. He’s fun, talented, and committed to the field of photography, and his work and skills are top-notch.


Michelle Glogovac is THE Podcast Matchmaker™ and the host of the My Simplified Life podcast. She is changing the world one voice at a time by matching her clients with the perfect podcast hosts and teaching them how to share their story, vision, and expertise in impactful and powerful ways. She has helped entrepreneurs, authors, and experts hone their storytelling abilities and elevate themselves as thought leaders on over 1,000 podcasts. Michelle is a sought-after speaker who encourages women over 40 to embrace the next chapter of their lives by finding careers and launching businesses that they love, standing up for what they believe in, and more.


Jason Defillippo is a podcast producer and editor and the co-founder and co-host of Grumpy Old Geeks—an iTunes top tech news podcast. Jason recently opened a commercial podcast studio in Woodland Hills CA called West Valley Podcasting. Considered a genius when it comes to audio editing, many seek him out for his advice on all things podcasting. 


Mike Hampton, the co-host of UncleDad Talks, is a celebrated artist in the Bay Area of California and the lead designer for Bart Bridge Clothing. His work ethic is unsurpassed, often traveling to cover events for the podcast. His dedication to his work shines through, and he is a beloved mentor to many. 


Misty Chaviers is a domestic abuse survivor and domestic violence advocate who hosts the I Am A Survivor Podcast—FeedSpot.com’s number-three podcast in their Top 10 Domestic Abuse Podcasts. An avid podcast listener, author, speaker, and mentor, her mission is to educate to increase awareness and promote change. Her riveting podcast comes across like an informal, non-traumatic conversation over coffee, thanks to her unique style and charm. She is a “beacon of light,” guiding people to understand that everyone has the right to be free and safe.


R Dilip Kumar, host of The Podcasting University is a blogger, affiliate marketer, and content creator for more than 12 years. Having worked in senior managerial positions for Fortune 500 companies, he continues to selflessly contribute to the creator economy. His single objective has always been to help people, and he provides great value to the community.


Rich LaMonica is a 22-year veteran of the United States Army who was deployed on multiple occasions in support of the Global War on Terrorism. A leader of people, he retired in 2015 and became driven to help other veterans transition back into civilian life. Now a motivational speaker who focuses on mindset, resilience, grit, and finding your purpose, he is also the executive producer and host of The MisFitNation podcast, through which he shares stories of courage, mindset, resilience, and battling the enemies within.


Roger Nairn is the co-founder and CEO of JAR Audio, which specializes in the strategy, development, production, and marketing of podcasts for brands, media networks, agencies, and publishers. He draws on two decades as a client leader in the advertising world and is known as a compassionate and empathetic leader in all aspects of his life. Co-host of the ManTalks podcast, he not only inspires men and conversations, but also brings a great sense of humor to almost every situation.


Ryan Alford, host of The Radcast, is a 20-year ad agency veteran, successful entrepreneur, and marketing influencer. He has built multiple businesses into seven-figure performers, including his current digital agency, Radical. The Radcast, consistently a top-100 US marketing podcast, features quality guests and content, and he is considered a “true team-builder” who readily gives away his best advice and guidance to anyone starting in the marketing business.


Sarah Golding is the producer and host of Indie AF—an interview show promoting audio fiction creators and their work while exploring ways to make audio fiction better. A tireless and enthusiastic advocate for audio fiction as a medium, she also produces the MADIVA podcast, which teaches people how to be better voice actors. Her Quirky Voices podcast offers opportunities for other podcast artists, and she is involved in several other shows, as well. Always willing to help, she intuitively understands what makes an audio drama podcast into a meaningful and unforgettable experience. 


Saul Blinkoff, creator and host of Life of Awesome, has a unique and sincere ability to make an everlasting impact on everyone he meets. A teacher and respected leader in the animation industry, he inspires and empowers his listeners, followers, students, and fans to embrace their limitless potential and achieve greatness. A producer at Dreamworks and former Disney Animator/Director, he is known as a forward-thinking leader in the community and global keynote speaker who graces stages around the world sharing practical tools for success, meaning, and fulfillment in all aspects of life. 


Sean Howard is a producer, voice actor, network manager, strategist, marketer, speaker, and creator of multiple award-winning podcasts. He is also the founder of the largest network of exclusively narrative fiction podcasts focused on growth and sponsorship. Admired for his encouragement for inclusivity in the audio fiction space, he is a leading light in this industry. His enthusiasm for encouraging and inspiring others of all walks of life (but especially marginalized community folks) to tell their story is infectious and inspiring. His hard work and tenacity in lifting up creatives in the community knows no bounds, and he would do anything to help anyone. 


Simon Hedley, creator of Pause, Stop, Reset, has been working with leaders, founders, and CEOs for more than two decades to “help good people do great things.” He focuses his interviews on navigating challenging times and resetting into more optimal lives and businesses. Described as “a business leader with a heart of gold,” he strives to help people achieve their goals on all levels. With a giver’s heart, he consistently goes above and beyond for his business partnerships.


Steve Shell, co-creator of Old Gods of Appalachia—an eldritch horror fiction podcast set in an Alternate Appalachia—is a writer, former high school English teacher, and former main stage performer for The Moth. A once nationally ranked slam poet,Steve also studies and teaches medieval bardic traditions and produced The Knowne World Bardcast, a podcast focused on the music and oral traditions of medieval reenactors from 2015-2019. He has also done a number of streams and recordings for the LGBTQIA+ community over the last two years to raise money for The Trevor Project.


Lex Friedman, host of Your Daily Lex, started his own podcasting business and soon became a cofounder of Midroll, serving as part of the executive team that led its sale to Scripps. He was the company’s CRO and chief business development officer, signing deals with The Ringer, Conan O’Brien, and more. Lex is now the Wondery Head of Podcast Strategy, working through business operations and strategic priorities. Presenting at every Podcast Movement except the first, he was among the first to recognize the potential of medium.


Tony Wannamaker, multiple-award-winning cinematographer and director, is the co-host of Confessions of a Rock’N’Roll Cameraman. Having traveled to every continent in the world and garnered international recognition for his cinematography, he has had the rare privilege of working with global rock stars and cultural influencers. Author of a compelling and exotic collection of 56 essays that speaks to the adventure and serendipity that has been the flow of his career, his podcast delves deep into the chapters of the book, revealing the unique 40-year perspective of a rock ’n’ roll cameraman. The stories and adventures he shares are nothing short of captivating.


Mike Koenigs is a five-time serial entrepreneur, judge on Entrepreneur.com’s Elevator Pitch TV show, bestselling author, and contributor and columnist for Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and Forbes magazines. He co-hosts two podcasts, Capability Amplifier with Strategic Coach’s Dan Sullivan and The Big Leap with NYT bestselling author Gay Hendricks. He’s consulted and advised major brands, including Sony, BMW, General Mills, 3M and celebrity clients including Tony Robbins, Paula Abdul, Richard Dreyfuss, Dave Asprey, John Assaraf, and Brian Tracy. His latest venture, “The Superpower Accelerator” works with founders to create, launch, and monetize new businesses and products in a week.


Christopher Lochhead, entrepreneur, three-time public company CMO (Mercury Interactive, Scient, Vantive) and investor/advisor to over 50 Silicon Valley venture-backed startups, is most known for being a “Godfather of Category Design” and “a pioneer in dialogue podcasts.” He is an 11-time number-one bestselling Amazon author (Category Pirates, Play Bigger, Niche Down) and number-one charting Apple podcaster (Follow Your Different and Lochhead On Marketing). The Marketing Journal called him, “one of the best minds in marketing.” 


Brian Larter, host of Three Witches and a Druid, manages the Pagan Assembly of Nova Scotia and the pillar of the spiritual community. He encourages an inclusive and healthy community for people of all spiritual practices, from all walks of life. For 20 years, he has been helping thousands of people feel included, understood, and accepted. Not only does Brian connect spiritual people of vast categories, but he also challenges stereotypes brought on by pop culture through open discussion and education. Brian is instrumental in making the world a better and safer place for everyone.


Juleyka Lantigua, CEO of LWC Studios, a Peabody-nominated podcast production company, endeavors to open doors in podcasting to all types of creators not only via her company, but also with the Podcasting Seriously learning platform. 


Rosie is the creator, content producer, and bilingual host of the Life 100 Podcast, through which she inspires her guests and listeners to share experiences, raise their voices, and be heard. Recognized by Latinas in Business, Inc., as a “Latina entrepreneur amplifying diverse voices,” her work has been featured in Austin Voyage Magazine and the Woman Who Thrive Organization-IG edition. She has also been selected as one of the “2020 Women Who Inspire” in Austin, Texas. 


Jaime Legagneur, Founder and Sole Operator of the podcast production company Flint Stone Media, LLC, and Founder of the Florida Podcast Network, hosts several podcasts and runs the official podcast for PodFest Media Expo. An “incredibly kind, positive, and helpful person,” Jaime has made a successful business in the podcast space. Always willing to help others, she also hosts a clubhouse on podcasts and is a frequent speaker on best podcast practices.

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