Charlie Ward: NFL & NBA Star

Charlie Ward is one of the few athletes to ever play professionally in both the NFL and the NBA at the same time.  Growing up in a small, tightknit town in Georgia

UTR: Dorktales Storytime Podcast

  Stories have the power to help children discover their creativity and curiosity, and the Dorktales Storytime Podcast takes this concept beyond anything you can imagine.  This show is a well-thought-out wonder.

UTR: The Warrior Wellness Podcast

  A podcast for military members, veterans, and first responders focused on fitness, health, nutrition, and biohacking is a rare find. Hosted by former Army Captain Stephanie Lincoln, The Warrior Wellness Podcast

UTR: Our Fake History

  Our Fake History is one of the most enjoyable history podcasts out there. The presenter, Sebastian Major, is great fun, a really enjoyable person to spend time with. The concept is

Zack Twamley: a podcasting powerhouse

Zack Twamley has been podcasting since May 2012 and is well known in the history podcasting community as someone who produces a huge volume of podcasts.  Zack is still a young man

UTR: Ask NT Wright Anything

  In the Christian category, so many churches and pastors use podcasting as a way to simply recycle their Sunday morning content. I have criticized this approach as shortsighted in previous reviews.

Trust Your Intuition

As the plane carrying Devi Adea from Washington DC to San Diego landed, she could sense that something was different. The joy she usually felt upon returning to The Golden State was