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Having traveled to Ireland several times and harboring a fantasy of studying the Book of Kells & Gaelic at Trinity College in Dublin, I was delighted to find a podcast about the history of Ireland. 

The Irish History Podcast is hosted by Fin Dwyer, who studied archaeology and completed his masters in archaeology in 2004. In 2010, Fin launched the show, which was initially focused on medieval history. 

Fin has a deep voice and a strong Irish brogue, transporting the listener through time as he or she explores Irish history. Episodes range from twenty minutes to one hour, so the history lessons are easy for the listener to absorb. 

Fin’s categorization of topics on the Irish History Podcast website was very helpful in being able to choose which topics and time periods I wanted to learn about. My favorite categories were the episodes in Witches & Witchcraft, Maamtrasna Murders, and High Kings & Vikings. 

In January, Fin recorded an episode about the history of drinking in Ireland with a co-host from an Irish pub that has been in existence since 1582! They cover 800 years of history in thirty minutes! 

Because of Fin’s background in archaeology, the knowledge that he shares comes alive for the listener. 

Since the launch of the podcast, Fin has published two books.

Anyone who has traveled to Ireland or has an affinity for Irish culture will enjoy learning the history of Ireland through the lens of Fin Dwyer.


April 2020 Issue

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