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Hot 50 Countdown Introduction

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Podcast Magazine presents… The Hot 50 Countdown!

Each month, Podcast Magazine’s own Rob Actis counts down the Top 50 podcasts in the land as determined by podcast fans. From True Crime and Society & Culture, to Self-Help, Health & Fitness, Science, News, Sports, Technology and every podcast category in between, month in and month out, nearly every genre is represented.

Familiar with American Top 40? You’ll love The Hot 50 Countdown.

Finally, an unbiased chart and entertaining countdown of fan favorites that’s not based on ratings, reviews, subscribes or downloads. Instead, The Hot 50 Countdown is determined by fan votes received at PodcastMagazine.com/hot50.

Want your favorite podcast to be featured on The Hot 50 Countdown? It can… vote now!

The Hot 50 Countdown… your new home for discovering awesome shows you’ve never heard of, but should be listening to, and learning more about the shows, podcast culture and the podcasters podcast fans can’t get enough of.

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