UTR: True Crime Brewery

  There are multiple shows that mix true crime and wine, so why not true crime and beer? That’s exactly what True Crime Brewery does.  Married couple Jill and physician Dick discuss true crime with a touch of heart and humor after Dick chooses and reviews a beer from the region where

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UTR: Afford Anything

Are you ready to finally get better control of your finances, for real?  Check out the podcast Afford Anything. As host Paula Pant says, “You can afford anything—but not everything.”   With 266 episodes and 2,000+ reviews, you’ll quickly realize you’ve found a library full of truly useful, realistic money advice with a

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UTR: Naked Astronomy from the Naked Scientists

  Who hasn’t dreamt of floating in space? Walking on the moon, rocketing through the galaxy, and visiting other planets? Entertainment like Star Trek, Star Wars, Star Gate, and The Expanse fuel our imagination and leave us in wonder of the adventure of living among the stars. Yet due to the rigorous

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British Podcast Award Winners 2022

On Saturday 23rd July, the 2022 British Podcast Awards powered by Audible took place in London’s Kennington Park. Elis James and John Robins hosted, bringing their signature wit and humor. They were joined by the biggest names in podcasting including Idris & Sabrina Elba, Pandora Sykes, Jamie Laing, My Dad Wrote a Porno, Poppy Jay, Jon Sopel, Diana

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