Under The Radar: The Launchcast

The Launchcast is a long-form conversation podcast hosted by entrepreneur and TEDx speaker/organizer George Andriopoulos. I first met George six months ago when I interviewed him about his role as a TEDx event organizer for my TalkXcelerator podcast. He told me then that curating a TEDx event has provided him with an

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Matt Ward: Dystopian Fiction Writer, Disruptor, and Hopeful Cynic

According to Dictionary.com, a “disruptor” is “someone or something that interrupts an event, activity, or process by causing a disturbance or problem.” Every disruptor I have ever met has a penchant—well, really a driving need—for constant learning and questioning. With an uncanny ability to intently focus when it matters, disruptors also see

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Doleo: From Everyman to Vigilante

The most shocking element of the scene before her was not the thick pool of blood puddled beneath her newly adopted son, nor was it the fact that the handle of her fabric scissors protruded from his abdomen. It was the tranquility painted upon on his face. What happens when a normal

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