Under The Radar: History of the 90’s

Each episode of History of the 90’s delivers a great snapshot of what it meant to live in that decade. From the OJ Simpson verdict to Beanie Babies, host Kathy Kenzora shares the most memorable moments that made the 90’s the 90’s.  For example, an episode called “Girl Power” shares the change

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UTR: CrimeLapse

  It is often said that reality is scarier than fiction. If you don’t believe that to be true before listening to an episode of CrimeLapse, you likely will afterward.  As an avid consumer of true-crime podcasts myself, I actually had to turn off a couple of episodes, because the cases were

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UTR: The Dark-O-Motive Podcast

  Okay- this is a fun podcast – even for someone not into machines and things that produce loud sounds or go fast. This is an incredibly well done podcast and an incredibly engaging podcast TO listen to. Brian Lohnes is the host and your history guide to some well known and

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UTR: Villians

  Want to compare real-life mafia-boss Frank Costello with fictional Don Vito Corleone from The Godfather? Want to dig into the similarities of John Wayne Gacy and Stephen King’s It? Or maybe you are just emotionally spent after listening to an episode on the latest abduction covered by your favorite true-crime podcast,

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